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Listen to your




allows you to monitor the journey of your clients measuring the customer experience through the collection of a feedback that is real, easy and quick but most of all in real time.



retail, food aND restaurants

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Upload the digital menu for your clients

By scanning the QR code the client can decide whether to see the restaurant's menu in a digital version or leave a feedback on the quality of service in real time.

This is a great opportunity to integrate a completely touch-free option for your business after the reopening.


6-seconds feedback


Avoid any time-consuming form. Engage with your clients and get their precious feedback through a simple click and it will be 100% real feedback!

Customize the questions to ask to your clients or simply use our standard templates.

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Value your team

Find out who amongst your staff is really making the difference and who still needs to improve.

Thanks to the Staff feedback mode, you can give the option to the client to rate the quality of the service received from a specific member of the staff.

Choose the reward


manage your dashboard

Decide whether to offer a discount coupon or a reward to the clients to increase their loyalty and improve your clients retention.

Track the results in real time through the private dashboard. You may also export the CRM data to engage in marketing activities and manage staff's performance.


for the reopening, here's our support

We have aligned to the post-Covid measures too, to make sure you'll have what you need to use our service safely


track your customer experience

Collecting feedbacks directly in store


How it works

1. Place the order

We will send you our tablet including instructions. We will also give you a personal QR code in case your clients prefer to use their own smartphone.


3. Place the tablet or show your QR code

Place the tablet in a visible spot or show your QR Code so your customers can leave their feedback either through the tablet or with their own smartphone.

2. Choose what to ask

Select up to 3 different survey modes and customize the questions you wish to ask to your clients. You can also choose to offer a reward for them to increase their loyalty and your brand awareness.

4. Get the results

Wait for your customers to submit the feedback and get the results on your private dashoard.

You can monitor feedback from your clients in real time.


Your satisfied customer, is the first ambassador of your brand.

Single Business

single site


more than 4 sites



We acknowledge that these are hard times for retail and food businesses, therefore we decided to support offering 1000 license plans for free


Fill in the info below, we'll contact you asap to start your plan.

Get your personalised SatisfAid QR code together with the credentials to your backend dashboard. 

Start enjoying our services for free!


Thank you for your request, a member of our team will endeavor to respond within the next 24 hours!

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