Airlines' success

One of the last experience we had was with a famous airline. Unlike the top performing of the industry, the airline was not willing to make us feel at ease, even though clients of a long time.

In fact, we were experiencing an early morning flight, obviously respecting the rules of the hand-luggage policies. Not mentioning, we were also members of the loyal club of the company recently introduced by the firm itself.

The ground floor assistant we met was quite strict, and severe. Not only she decided to make us feel uncomfortable but also she decided to be rude, not knowing anything about the new regulations regarding loyalty programs and making us feeling guilty of making things up.

We had the worst experience ever with that flight, even respecting rules and regulations. We just felt disrespected and treated badly, when being as loyal as possible,

This is certainly not one of those cases of customer loyalty and for sure we will avoid booking with that airline again.