Customer Experience: a priority for every company

Customer Experience should be nowadays a priority for every company.

From the last CX Benchmarking Dimension Data, only 15% of the people interviewed said affirmatively that their organizations have an integrated approach towards Customer Experience. Furthermore, most of the companies (87%) acknowledge that the experience is an important distinctive element, vital in order to drive sales, loyalty as well as reduce costs.

Nevertheless, the research show that 24% of the people interviewed is not satisfied with the customer experience provided while only 13% believes that the experience offered is able to create the right "buzz" and to grow the business.

Customer experience should be a priority for every company and the whole organization should integrate it. Many brands do give an important role to experience but very few understand that this should be shared as a whole, without demanding it to the single "manager in charge".

Benchmarking is as important as ever. Invest in customer experience is crucial as well as monitor the return on investment which, if not successful, has to be diverted immediately towards another direction.

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