Delayed flight for dying mother

In the moment the son was on his flight to see his mother, the lady was facing the last days of her life. He was on route of his first United Airlines connecting flight and he was stressed not to miss the second, otherwise he could have not seen his mother before she passed away.

But while the flight was on route, it got delyed and the man broke into tears, as the connecting flight for Texas was the last of the day. The Crew, attentive and sensitive, took care of his feelings and understood the problem. They managed to delay the second flight in order for him not to lose the connection.

The man finally managed to spend the night with his mother at the hospital, without knowing that was the last one. He wrote a big thank you letter to the Airline company, expressing the gratitude for the gesture made by the Crew.

What really touched us about this story is that we all know very well that Airline companies are evaluated on the punctuality and tight schedule they should respect all year long, so taking the step back and deciding to voluntary delay the flight, just for the happiness of the customer, make us think of a true positive customer experience.

Sometimes companies go the extra mile.

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