Feedback is true only when shared

The 2018 Customer Experience (CX) Index by Sitel Group based on a survey proposed to 1200 Us adults had some very interesting results.

The main thing that emerged is that customers are sharing their experiences on social media – either good or bad. Many companies are now afraid of social medias because they fear to receive too many complaints. While 30% of consumers say they would post a negative review online to prevent others from shopping with that brand (the so-called "ill-mouthers"), nearly half (49%) say they would post a positive review online or on social media (what we call "ambassadors").

From the survey it appears that Millennial women are the biggest sharers.

Nearly three-quarters of consumers (74%) say they would stop doing business with a company if they received poor customer support or had a bad customer experience, and 50% say they already have done so.

Shall we do something about it?

Credits to Dan Gingill @Forbes

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