Going the extra mile is positive or not?

We've talked about this before. In our opinion going the extra mile for customers is crucial to build a strong relationship between client and company. But for so many businesses this is not very straight forward. On the contrary, many places don't pay enough attention to this and may lose customers loyalty.

I was in one of the most famous coffee retailers in Uk, and I was waiting for my coffee. The customer behind me, ready to pay for his order, only had an old 10£ note so the cashier couldn't accept it but he kindly described where the closest bank was, in order to exchange the money. While giving a detailed explanation, his manager told him out loud "you don't have to give all that information".

The customer was clearly uncomfortable with that reaction, and the cashier was very confused. In his mind, this was building that customer's loyalty, therefore value for the business. On the manager side, it was a waste of time.

And you? What do you think of that situation? Was it only a waste of time or would you have reacted the same?

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