Good or bad customer experience? Which one’s yours?

When we think of a bad customer experience we have plenty to think of. But when it comes to good experiences, it’s hard to name one. As a matter of fact we, as customers, tend to be affected more by negative events, without focusing on the positive as well.

But in real life, we do get affected by positive events as well and when this happens we would love to have a way to express our feeling, perhaps our surprise. Like that time when my usual airline was supposed to provide me a reward ticket, earned with my partner miles and the system crashed just before my miles expired. At that point, I thought my miles were completely lost and the ticket as well, as the transaction didn’t go through correctly.

But, for my big surprise the day after, when I called customer service they kindly issued my ticket and at the same time they also didn’t make me pay for the airport taxes as their apologies for the inconvenience.

This I must say is something a loyal customer well notes and certainly will not forget when booking the next flight!

And you, can you think of good customer experiences or is it all about negative ones?

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