Joshie's extended holidays

We all know well what a generous reputation Ritz Carlton hotel has in terms of Service.

The storie of Joshie the Giraffe starts when Mr. Hurns' son left his toy in the hotel room while leaving. Once home, he was distraught by realizing the soft toy wasn't there. And we all know well how important these "fluffy friends" may become for a young child!

Mr. Hurns tried immediately to deal with the situation, telling the little boy that Joshie just wanted to spend a few more days on holiday, while trying to reach to the staff of the hotel to get the toy sent back to them.

In an all-star effort, the staff at the Ritz created a few photographs of the activities Joshie had been involved in while on his “extended vacation.”

Joshie relaxing at the pool!

Joshie enjoying some spa time!

In addition, the Ritz sent Hurn and his son a booklet filled with information about Joshie’s stay as well as a host of pictures showing what a good time he’d had.

Isn't this an unforgettable outstanding Customer Service story?

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