Online and offline retail

What is really at the heart of the success of the online world over the offline retail?

So many times we’ve read this question, but we never had a proper answer.

Because besides the fact that the world is changing, that we live in an era that being omni-channel is crucial for customer retention, which are all true facts, there is a true other side of the coin and it refers to the fact that customers still really need the human contact with sales assistant/clerks/waiters when buying a dress, a pair of shoes, when doing a food experience.

You can replace the cashier with automatic machines at the check out in a supermarket, you can build a shop based 100% on a web platform but you will always miss that human touch, that one that covers the emotional side of the client, which is what makes him decide to complete the shopping experience.

This is why when we read case studies, stories about business offline going online, we usually tend to speak about a “right balance” between a multi-channel offer which stands halfway through a classic retail experience and an online/up-to-date way of thinking.

Would we ever buy a house, an expensive computer, a TV just based on a few online information? The answer most of the time is no. At the end of the day we like to get some advice, to collect knowledge from someone who we trust for that product and who is able to tailor the experience to our needs.

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