People at the heart of businesses

In this era of “people centricity” we may find exhaustive literature on the possible measurements and indicators that define customer satisfaction of a business, like CSAT or NPS to name a few.

But quite often, alongside these indicators, an in-depth analysis of consumers behavior is needed. And that’s when we start distinguishing real "new customers" from existing ones, new clients acquisition rate, their purchasing routine and so on.

But often what people forget to consider is that in order to maintain the relationship and the bond with these customers and make them became loyal in the long run is what really makes the business successful. On this point many companies analyze only the reasons for a customer that decides to leave to sign with a competitor. On the other hand, the same companies don't invest enough in nourishing the relationship with long-time customers and as a result they don't know what areas to invest in.

Let's say rather than running to fix issues, we should prevent these by building a strong bond with the actual clientele, which is the driving force of many businesses.

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