In Service, sorry is not enough

Discounts are so often used as last-ditch attempts to salvage a terrible service. But when this happens, we tend to forget how important and powerful means these can be to deliver the best unforgettable service, within a company's défaillance situation.

In fact, recently I've been in one of the same pizza places where I love to go at least twice a month. I ordered my same pizza margherita and coke that I enjoy on a nice sunny Saturday afternoon.

After 40 minutes waiting and after receiving the drinks, I was just willing to put my hands on my nice oven-hot pizza. But the order got lost.

So I decided I should ask for it, but none of the staff members could find my pizza order. The order was lost and this would mean at least another 15 minutes waiting for me.

Eventually, the store manager approached me, giving his excuses for the mistake. But as we all know, sorry is not enough, isn't it? He decided not to charge me for the pizza and this really surprised me.

You know what? I immediately forgot about the mistake, enjoyed my pizza and at the end of the lunch offered a good tip to the waiters and told all my friends about the good service received. I'll go back very soon.

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