What is customer satisfaction?

A high level of customer satisfaction evolves into high customer loyalty, and loyalty is one of the main features of corporate growth.

To understand customers needs, companies often rely on surveys in which only a small percentage of consumers partecipate. In fact, short-answers questions sometimes can give voice to clients but without covering the feelings they have about the Service received. Most of the time qualitative comments are more relevant than a simple score. Yes-or-no questions therefore are a trap.

In addition to that, we have to face the fact that customers share. Nowadays every social media becomes a weapon for companies, especially because customers are more likely to share negative comments rather than positive ones. If you take a look around the web, you'll surely see more disappointed clients than ambassadors of a business. For these reasons, customer change phone providers, gyms or bank accounts, if they feel not-satisfied with the service. Word-of-mouth in this sense has become crucial.

The world is now moving towards a new era of building analytics to capture the level of satisfaction of clients and to analyze their entire journey, in order to understand crucial points where to work on. Fast growing, successful companies work on a high customer loyalty by doing more than simply solving an existing problem. They try to avoid unpleasant situations and leave instead in someone's mind a positive mark.

This leads to greater customer retention and company growth so that companies can rely on the strongest marketing driver: the customer.

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